Top Ten Reasons To Check Us Out

1. You have a hunch God wants more for your life, and you want to find it.

2. You want to be in a church that wants you as you are.

3. You want to worship with all kinds of people — the more diverse the better!

4. You want a minister who both encourages you and challenges you to live the life you were born to live.

5. You love music and having fun!

6. Your life is a challenge … kids, family, work, priorities, values, wishes, and dreams are a lot to balance.

7. You want more community, fellowship, and good times in your life.

8. You want a church where doubts and questions are welcome, and where you don’t have to check your intellect at the door.

9. You love history — we’ve got loads of it!

10. You want a small church with a big heart!

We are a diverse, progressive, and welcoming congregation, and a part of North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church.


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