Groups to CONNECT, GROW, and SERVE

One of the blessings of Inman Park Church is that worship and fellowship aren’t limited to one hour on a Sunday morning. We have informal groups that meet in members’ homes, in the church library, our Youth Room, or even in a local pub or coffee shop. Groups offer a chance to get to know each other better, talk about our spirituality and just about anything else, as well as opportunities to SERVE our community. There is a group for all ages and stages of life.

CONNECT groups enable people to CONNECT with God and each other. We CONNECT to sing in the choir; fellowship around the table some Sundays after worship; once a month on Sunday evening; once a month at Women’s CONNECT Dinner; reach out to the community during the annual Inman Park Festival.

GROW groups enable people to GROW in their faith practice. We GROW prior to and during Worship service every Sunday morning, as well as throughout the week with our Children’s GROW Groups on Sunday mornings and once a month on a scheduled evening; Women’s Coffee each Friday morning; Men’s Coffee each Monday morning.

SERVE groups enable people to SERVE God and others within the community. We SERVE to assist with Hunger by stocking shelves at Intown Collaborative Ministries; with Children by events at The United Methodist Children’s Home; with Housing by providing assistance to New American Pathways.


Santuary Group

New Family CONNECT will meet once quarterly and vary time and location based on response. We aim to create a low-stress environment for families to connect outside of church service.

Men’s GROW meets Monday mornings at 7:00am at Java Vino to discuss theology, faith, parenting, and other real life situations.

Women’s CONNECT meets Thursday mornings at 8:30am at Proof Bakeshop. This group is a safe place to talk about our joys, concerns, and challenges of life. We converse, study, pray, and love!

Men’s CONNECT meets every first Wednesday at 7:00pm at someone’s home to CONNECT while hanging out together.

Women’s Potluck CONNECT meets once a month on a Thursday at 7:00pm at someone’s home to share a meal and CONNECT.

Be sure to check our Calendar for more information and updates on all of our CONNECT, GROW, and SERVE opportunities.