New Adult GROW Beginning Sunday, Sept. 10th

500 Years of Reformation
October 31, 1517, is the date often used to mark the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. As we approach the 500th anniversary, pastor Max is leading a Sunday morning Adult Grow on the leading figures and traditions of the Reformation. Join us in Library beginning at 9:45.
September 10: Martin Luther – Lutheranism
September 17: Huldrich Zwingli – Anabaptism
September 24: John Calvin – Presbyterian/Puritanism
October 1: Thomas Cranmer – Anglicanism
October 8: American Protestantism

New Sermon Series Beginning Sunday, Sept. 10th

“Lord, Teach Us To Pray”
The Lord’s prayer is used in some form in almost all branches of the church. Since the days of the early church, Christians have used this prayer in personal and communal worship. The Lord’s Prayer is so familiar to many of us that we do not remember when we learned to pray it. But what does the prayer mean? Join in worship as we consider together what the petitions of the Lord’s prayer mean for out life as Christians.
September 10: Our Father – Matthew 5.43-48
September 17: Hallowed Name – Matthew 18.21-35
September 24: Your Kingdom – Matthew 20.1-16
October 1: Your Will – Matthew 22.1-14
October 8: Daily Bread – Matthew 6.25-33
October 15: Trespasses – Matthew 18.21-35
October 22: Temptation – Matthew 26.36-46

Kid’s GROW returns Sunday, September 10th at 11am! Talk to Cecelia ( if you’d like more info.