We need volunteers to SERVE at the Refugee Apartment Move In!  On Saturday, January 21st we are setting up an apartment for a family of 5 coming from Somali (through Ethiopia).  We need four teams of volunteers:

  1. Movers – John Dwyer is Team Lead.  We need 6-8 strong folks able to lift and carry furniture up stairs.  Meet at church at 8am.  Volunteers needed for this Team!
  2. Assemble Beds – We need a team to assemble the beds at the apartment before the movers arrive.  Rick Yates is Team Lead.  A group of 4 would be ideal.  
  3. Unpackers – Nancy Morrison and Helen Cunningham are Team Leaders for this team.  This team will unpack and set up the apartment (no more volunteers needed for Unpackers). 
  4. Grocery Shoppers – We need a team that can go grocery shopping (cost of food will be reimbursed) for the items listed.  Diya Luke is Team Lead. Click here for the grocery list.

All teams can meet at the church at 8am on Saturday morning.  Contact Helen Cunningham if you have questions (helen@hvcatlanta.com).  Thank you for your willingness to SERVE!