Hey Moms and Dads!

Your kids can join the awesome “spontaneous” nativity scene at the end of the performance.  Arrive early (30 minutes is best, 10 minutes is pushing it!).  We suggest bringing your child already dressed as a shepherd, wise man, star or angel.  We’ll have costumes available at the church, too.  If you want to participate, please let us know by emailing Amanda Crice, our fab Youth Minister at childrenipumc@gmail.com.  If life’s too busy to let us know, come on along anyway!

You’ll get full instructions when you arrive, so don’t worry about the details.  For now, here’s how it basically works:

During the last song “Away in a Manger”, all kids are invited to create a cool nativity scene.  So, when you hear the music to “Away in a Manger”, encourage your child to join in.  We will guide your child to a good spot.

You can scoot close for a photo or if your child needs a bit more nudging, but please let the children be the ones in the nativity scene.

After our minister Max Vincent closes the program, make your way up to the stage to your child.

Rock Christmas!!