United Methodist Vows

PIECEs of Discipleship with Rev. Max Vincent, Kristen Vincent and Amanda Crice

Each Sunday of August we will explore one of the five vows we make when we join the United Methodist Church. These vows help us PIECE together a model of discipleship.
* August 2 – Disciples are PRESENT to God and One Another – Max (Presence) Genesis 3:8-10
* August 9 – Disciples are IN Touch with God – Kristen (Prayer) Numbers 15:37-41
* August 16 – Disciples are EQUIPPED to give to others – Max (Giving) Romans 12:1-21
* August 23 – Disciples are CARING for others – Amanda (Service) Matthew 25: 31-46
* August 30 – Disciples are ENGAGING others with Good News – Max (Witness) Matthew 28:16-20

Please join us on our journey Sundays at 11am as we explore what it means to be a United Methodist!