Prayer Needs


Baldwin Family                                             (Shirley Brown)

Savannah Bledsoe                                  (Mike Mongeon)

Chris Brock                                           (Patches Mongeon)

Joe Ebersole

Virginia Flynn                                       (Patches Mongeon)

Patricia Schlittler Gilbert           (Susan S. & George G.)

Marvin Lyons                                       (Rose Mary Ludwig)

Sheila Milner                                       (Patches Mongeon)

Moreland & Baker Family                            (Kelly Brown)

Lyn Smith                                                       (Shirley Brown)

Sutherland Family                                          (Kelly Brown)

Johnathan Wesley                            (Rose Mary Ludwig)



France, Germany, Monaco

Do you know someone who needs to be added to this list? Just let us know! If you’d like us to remember someone in prayer but not publish their name or yours, just let us know. Please call the church office at (404) 533-9322 or send us an email.