Our Team

Reverend Max Vincent, Pastor

Vincent fam

Max is a Georgia native and the son of a Methodist minister. He and his wife Kristen have one son, Matthew, and a family dog named Gracie.

Max graduated from FrankIin County High School and then went to Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina, graduating with a BA with Religion as his major.  He began studying at Duke Divinity School in the Fall of 1991.  Max completed his Master of Divinity in 1995 and then completed a Master of Theology in the field of preaching and theology in 1996. He met his wife Kristen at Duke in 1993 and they were married on May 20, 1995.  Kristen is a native Texan and received a BA from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas with a major in religion.  She then went on to earn a Master of Sacred Theology from Duke Divinity School.  She is currently a writer and workshop leader for Upper Room Ministries.  Kristen has authored three books and Max and Kristen coauthored one book together.

Since finishing seminary, Max has served as a pastor in North Carolina and Georgia and for four years he served as a chaplain at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta. Their son Matthew is twelve years old and attends Inman Middle School. He loves soccer, art, reading, Minecraft, golf, and swimming.  In addition to writing and teaching, Kristen loves hiking, reading, music, organizing and decorating. Max loves preaching and leading worship, golf, reading, cooking and hiking.

Contact Max at (404) 522-9322 or by email at pastor@inmanparkumc.org.

Cecelia Reilly, Coordinator of Children & Youth Ministries

Cecelia is a native of South Carolina and a graduate of the University of South Carolina. She served for a year and a half as the Director of Children and Youth at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Columbia, South Carolina before becoming the Associate Director of Youth at First United Methodist Church in Lubbock, Texas in January of 2014.

Cecelia recently married William Reilly, who recently entered the Candler School of Theology to pursue ordination as a pastor.

Contact Cecelia by email at childrenipumc@gmail.com



Lisa Farnsworth, Music Coordinator

lisaLisa, her husband Andrew, and their daughter Lorelei are active members in the church. Lisa had worked as a volunteer coordinating singers and musicians for our worship services during the summer of 2015.  Lisa’s work as a volunteer and passion for worship at Inman Park helped us begin to dream about doing something different with our music ministry. While we were talking about new possibilities, Lisa shared with us a vision statement containing some of her hopes and dreams for how we might do music ministry in new ways at Inman Park. Lisa’s vision and our dreams seem to align in many ways. After meeting with Lisa, we agreed to try a new thing and asked Lisa to help us get this going. We’ve enjoyed all the ways Lisa’s ideas have enriched worship!

Contact Lisa by email at music@inmanparkumc.org

Sarah Adair, Office Manager

sarah-adairSarah is a life-long United Methodist and is the daughter of Rev. Ellen Hopkins, who serves at St. Paul UMC in Grant Park. Sarah brings great experience having worked in small and large businesses around the Atlanta area. She is passionate about her rescue animals who live with her and her husband Spencer, who was baptized at Inman Park UMC as a baby!  Sarah and Spencer also had their wedding at Inman Park UMC.  She is happy to be serving this beautiful church!   

Contact Sarah at contact@inmanparkumc.org

Jerry Garrison, Accompanist



Jerry has served in various positions in many United Methodist churches, and we’re very happy to have him here with us as our Accompanist!




Lay Leadership Team

Lisa Yates, CONNECT Team Chair

At Inman Park, community is a large part of who we are as a congregation. We CONNECT with God, and with each other. The CONNECT Committee helps organize the activities of our many small groups, including Young Adult Connect, Youth Connects, Sunday Evening Connect, Women’s Connect, the Holy Club, and more.

Contact Lisa at: lisasyates@gmail.com


Chad White, GROW Team Chair

The Grow team is responsible for everything connected to spiritual growth in our community. That includes outreach in the community, welcoming new visitors, and serving as ambassadors in the neighborhood and beyond. They help us with our mission of of growing in our knowledge of God and each other, and ensures that the community knows our name, our spirit, and our mission.

Contact Chad at: chad.white@me.com


John Zelenka, SERVE Team Chair

The SERVE team looks for opportunities to keep Inman Park Church engaged in the community and the world around us. This committee leads our SERVE opportunities at the Intown Collaborative Ministries Food Bank, The United Methodist Children’s Home, New American Pathways (NAP), and more. This committee also seeks and encourages volunteers for service opportunities.

Contact John at: jzelenkutd@gmail.com 


Joel Betts, Staff/Parish Relations Committee Chair

This committee works with the lead pastor and other staff so that the staff can work effectively in managing the ministry of the congregation for making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. The committee fulfills legal and ethical responsibilities related to staff. The committee shall engage in biblical and theological reflection about the mission of the church, and has primary responsibility for the appointed and paid staff who lead the vision and mission of the church. This is the congregation’s primary connection with the district superintendent and bishop related to the appointed leadership of the congregation.

Contact Helen at: betts.joel@gmail.com


Tom Pelletier, Facilities Team Chair

The facilities committee is responsible for overseeing the operations and maintenance of our historic, 150-year-old church building, and coordinating with the many groups that use our space, including The Little Middle School, Horizon Kids, Connections School of Atlanta, the Waldorf School, Dad’s Garage, Good Moves Dance, and more. They share responsibility for restoration and update efforts with our long-range planning committee and finance committee.

Contact Tom at: tom@pelledevelopment.com


Kelly Brown, Finance Committee Chair/Treasurer

The finance committee proposes a budget and then, with the Congregation’s support, raises, manages, and distributes the financial resources of the congregation to support and strengthen the mission and ministry of the congregation. The finance committee is visionary, and guides us to a vision of a bigger and better future while remaining responsible stewards of our resources.

Contact Kelly at: kellyclarkbrown@comcast.net


Holly Deckebach, Treasurer

The Treasurer disburses funds contributed to the church in a responsible and timely manner, with funds identified and bills paid when due. This leader demonstrates skills and interest in financial matters; has the ability to keep detailed, accurate records and maintain appropriate confidentiality; has an understanding of biblical stewardship and management of all resources that God provides, and has a passion for financially supporting the church’s mission.

Contact Holly at: holly.deckebach@gmail.com