IPUMC has a new Music Coordinator!

lisaOur Staff Parish Relations Committee is pleased to announce that Lisa Farnsworth has accepted the position of Music Coordinator at Inman Park UMC. Lisa and her husband Andrew are active members in the church, and you’ve probably seen them in worship with adorable Lorelei. Lisa has worked as a volunteer throughout the last few months coordinating singers and musicians for our worship services.

Lisa’s work as a volunteer and passion for worship at Inman Park helped us begin to dream about doing something different with our music ministry. While we were talking about new possibilities, Lisa shared with us a vision statement containing some of her hopes and dreams for how we might do music ministry in new ways at Inman Park. Lisa’s vision and our dreams seem to align in many ways. After meeting with Lisa, we agreed to try a new thing and asked Lisa to help us get this going. We want to share with you the statement that Lisa shared with us and ask you to welcome Lisa into this new position within our church.